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Intuitive Life Coaching
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Due to the covid-19 virus, all sessions are being offered live via Zoom Video only until further notice. Zoom video is a truly amazing program, where we still get the opportunity to interact live with one another and stay safe in the comfort of your own home. 

During this difficult time, I am offering 40%off all readings and healings for a limited time (offer expires 4/30/20, but you can book your session for any date in April/May) Now is the time for us to support one another and offer support. Therefore, I am offering this discount to all of you. Type in the coupon code in the red redeem coupon button while booking to receive the discount.

Coupon Code- LOVEUNITY

Intuitive Life Coaching - the evolution of traditional psychic readings. It is the combination of psychic insight and life coaching. In this session Anna Miranda will intuitively tap into your vibration and provide insight into the pockets of potential for your future. As she psychically taps in and provides you with intuitive insight into your present moments vibrational resonance, she will coach you and provide you with action steps and affirmations, motivation and direction towards the manifestations of your future goals. In these sessions Anna will not only coach you toward the fulfillment of your future ambitions but she will provide you with psychic insight into the future possibilities, possibilities that you may not be aware of as they exist in the realm of your energetic potential. 


She provides psychic insight and spiritual counsel towards any of your life challenges. These sessions may also include spontaneous spirit connection/mediumship. If a loved one on the other side travels from the other side to visit with you during your session, Anna is always open to such divine encounters, however she will not base an entire session on connecting to a loved one who has crossed over. Instead these readings focus on your life path and every now and then, when we need it most our loved ones from the other side may choose to speak with us to provide us with guidance and support towards our life path. Intuitive life coaching is not a mediumship reading, however due to the spontaneous nature of spirit your session may include this type of message (if you solely desire mediumship connection, Anna can refer you to one of her colleagues who focuses on mediumship upon request, as this type of sole reading is no longer her focus).  These sessions provide intuitive guidance and life coaching for relationships, personal goals  work/career and more.

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