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Certificate in Chakra Psychology

Enter the Vortex of the spinning wheel!

A journey through energy consciousness for optimum spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being.



Listen to the FREE Intro class!!







 Dive deep into the earth bound and spirit bound purpose and meaning of the 7 chakra's. 

Release energy blockages, promote healing, manifestation techniques through chakra work, chakra meditations, body work and more!

This class will not only teach you how to maximize your spiritual and physical energies through the chakra's but it is also designed for the healer and practitioner to truly maximize their healing craft by incorporating the psychology of chakra work. This class also includes meditations, bodywork, ritualistic practices and journaling techniques. It comes with over a 100 page workbook on chakra psychology, for you to download and use all the techniques for yourself and or for your clients.

This class will also have an online module fully available to all enrolled students, if for any reason a student can not attend a class on its scheduled date they will have access to the full online class module. You get access to the online class for the duration of the class and for 6 months after the class is completed. You get access to all the online material and resources.

Class Dates

                                                                                     Part 1- April 4th, 2020

                                                                                     Part 2- May 2nd, 2020

This class meets twice from 10:00AM-4:00PM



This class is being held live via zoom video.



Important Class Instructions

  •  If for any reason you have to miss a class, you can make up the work online. 

  • All class handouts/resources will be emailed to you. You will gain access to the class handouts after the first class date. You are responsible for downloading/printing out class handouts and resources.

Free Chakra Intro Class - Anna Miranda
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