Energy Healing

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Energy Healing

Due to the covid-19 virus, all healing sessions are being offered live via Zoom Video only until further notice. Zoom video is a truly amazing program, where we still get the opportunity to interact live with one another and stay safe in the comfort of your own home.

This healing will provide intuitive insight into the nature of the debri that may be clogging your energy field and perhaps stagnating your ultimate state of well being. Anna uses varies energy medicine and healing techniques including Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and chakra balancing. Home work may be given at the end of the session including affirmations, writing and meditation exercises for you to continue your healing journey and be self empowered!


 Energy healings can help provide you with a safe space to nurture your soul, mind and body. A silent space that is created for you to listen to your body and it’s inner voice. To nurture your soul and console it and support it. All of this promotes healing, the belief is that all physical illness and emotional struggle presents itself as an opportunity for the soul to evolve, and there is a lesson or teaching that it has to offer you, the healings provide a space to understand that lesson and promote healing. Many clients who are going through physical and or emotional discomfort or illness find these sessions to be comforting as it offers them emotional and soulful support. 



-Price $150 (the first session is $150 however if you choose to get continued healing sessions discounted package prices are available below).

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  Energy Healing Sessions Packages

After your energy healing session, you may wish to continue your healing sessions. In continued sessions, the same healing teckniques are applied such as varies energy medicine teckniques and reiki and IET etc.. For continued sessions a discounted rate is given for multiple sessions when you purchase a package. Continued healing sessions are 55 minutes and are available in person.


Package #1- includes two sessions for $140 each (sessions expire 6 months after purchase).

Package #2- includes three sessions for $130 each (sessions expire 6 months after purchase).

Package #3- includes four sessions for $120 each (sessions expire one year after purchase).

Chakra Health & Wellness Package- three sessions for $390, includes online workbook (sessions expire 6 months after purchase).


Packages must be purchased in advanced for the full amount. 


Usui Reiki - is not a religion or a new age practice; Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui, in Japan during the early 1900’s. Reiki is a secular healing & enlightenment system. The word “Reiki” means universal life energy, the life force energy that animates all life. A Reiki practitioner has been taught how to channel this energy. Reiki  balances out the body’s energy system and creates a sense of relaxation, peace and well-being. The Karuna Reiki®i system was developed by William Rand founder of the International Center for Reiki Training. The system itself originated from Kathleen Milner's system of Reiki known as Tera-Mai. William took the symbols used by Kathleen meditated on them, their uses, and the attunement process. By altering the uses of certain symbols and as well as the attunement process as he was guided, the energy of the entire system shifted. The energy, as a whole, became very heart centered, hence the name Karuna, which is a Sanskrit word used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zen, which can be translated as meaning "compassionate action".

Integrated Energy Therapy -  "Getting the issues out of the tissues". IET therapy works directly with your 12 strand spiritual DNA. One of the most powerful energy therapies available in our world today. The word Integrated stands for integrating the pain of the past, into the power of the present, to cultivate wellbeing for the future, deeply releasing limiting energy patterns of the past. The 12 strand spiritual DNA realigns and reconstructs. IET is one of the only healing modalities that realigns and balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of energy.One of the main focus points of IET is aligning each individual with their soul purpose.

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