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Soul Counseling Sessions Packages
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Package #1- includes two sessions for $115 each (sessions expire 6 months after purchase).

Package #2- includes three sessions for $110 each (sessions expire 6 months after purchase).

Packages must be purchased in advanced for the full amount


Soul Counseling

These sessions can help provide you with a safe space to nurture your soul, mind and body. Life often hands us challenges, in this session whatever physical/emotional 

struggle you are going through it presents itself as an opportunity for the soul to evolve, there is a lesson or teaching that it has to offer you, this type of session provides a space to understand that lesson and promote healing/wisdom. Anna uses varies techniques including vision boarding, meditation, breathing techniques and hypnosis. Home work may be given at the end of the session including affirmations, writing and meditation exercises for you to continue your healing journey and be self empowered! A portion of these sessions may be recorded, so you can use the meditation and or hypnosis experience again and again.

50 minutes (Single Session)

-Price $125