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Intuitive Coach -12 month Training 

Tuition Breakdown: 12 month Intuitive Coach Training Certificate


The tuition for Intuitive Coaching Training is $150 a month. The tuition is automatically deducted from your credit/debit account each month via Stripe. The training program is 12 months. Class meets one Saturday a month.  The Spirit Biz class will meet three times throughout the course of the 12 months, Spirit Biz class is held live, via video conferencing through zoom.


All the classes provided in the training program are also offered individually. If you were to take each class individually it would cost $2,005. By entering the program you receive all the training for $1,800 that’s a savings of $205. With the benefit of being trained in 12 months and the convenience of paying just $160 monthly. 

DISCOUNTS MAY APPLY- some applying students may have previously taken some of the courses from Anna Miranda. If the applying student has previously taken any of the curriculum courses they do not have to attend those courses as they have already met that classes particular requirement. However they will be required to complete any homework or assignments pertaining to those classes. There are 12 weekends within the Intuitive Coach program (class meets one Saturday a month) the tuition for each weekend is $150. If a student is excused from a particular class because they have already met that course requirement $75 is deducted from the monthly tuition fee, however the student will still be charged a program fee. In order for the student to remain in the program there is a $75 monthly program fee. Some classes meet for two months, for example Chakra psychology is taken during weekend 2 and 3 , if the student has already met that course requirement they will receive $75 off the tuition for weekend two and $75 off the tuition for weekend three. See example below.

Example: Weekend 2 (Tuition $150)

- Saturday- Psychology of the Chakras class 1 (Credit $75)

Tuition - $75

Weekend 3 (Tuition $150)

-Saturday- Psychology of the chakras class 2 (Credit $75)

Tuition - $75


CLASS AUDITING- If a student is excused from any class they can choose to not attend class or they can attend class to audit the class for review. Or they may audit and review the class online (if applicable). Students are required to attend weekend 12 for the Intuitive practical. If at anytime a student fails to attend class or can not attend a class they are required to take tuition is still charged. That student will then have to make up course work for that class online (if online class is applicable) or book private sessions. 


All students receive 20% off any extended education class offered; during the 12 months they are in school. Anna Miranda teaches classes all year round that are not a part of the Intuitive Coach Training program. These classes will be offered to students enrolled in the training program for 20% off as extended education classes, during their 12 months of study in the Intuitive Coach program. Some of these classes may include, astral travel or lucid dreaming etc. They also receive 20% off any private session they schedule with Anna Miranda, during the 12 month program for a reading or healing (this does not include private make up classes for missed courses, students get 55% off private course make ups. Private mentor sessions are $150, students in the program get a private mentor for a make up class for $65).


All students that complete the Intuitive Coaching Training Certificate Program periodically receive 10% coupons to use toward any class or private session after their graduation to encourage further study. Students will also be listed on Anna Miranda’s website in the student directory for Intuitive Coaches upon completion of the program. All graduating students also receive a badge ID that can be used on their business cards and website stating that they are a graduate of the program. Students will receive a certificate for every course completion in the entire curriculum as well as their Intuitive Coach certificate.


Course Curriculum: Compare discounted pricing for enrolling in the program

Class prices if you were to take each class individually without entering the program.

o    Introduction and orientation/ Spiritual Counseling/ Life Coaching Skills 101- $210

o    Psychology of the chakra’s - $210

o    Sacred Soul Numbers - $210

o    Akashic Records- $210 

o    Basic Astrology - $210

o    Intuition Development- $250 

o    Tarot Cards/Oracle Card divination- $210

o    Spirit Biz 101- How to create a successful practice using the laws of abundance and deal with challenging clients- $495


Certificate Program Class Pricing- $150 a month, $1,800 after 12 months, that’s $205 in savings. If you were to take each class individually it would cost $2,005. With the benefit of being trained in 12 months and the convenience of paying just $150 monthly. This is based on a student who has to attend each class and does not meet any course requirements.

Terms and Conditions:

  Tuition billing will begin on the week of the first class date, $150 for 12 months  (unless specified otherwise). Payments are automatically deducted each month from your debit/credit account on file via Stripe.


  • If at anytime a student fails to attend class or can not attend a class they are required to take tuition is still charged. 

  • In the event that a student fails to meet the course requirements upon graduation there are no refunds.

  • If at anytime during the course of the 12-month program a student decides not to complete the curriculum and or drop out of the program there are no refunds for courses already completed, however they will no longer be charged for any upcoming classes, monthly tuition will be ceased upon cancelation of program participation. However they will be charged a $100 cancelation fee.

  • Students who fail to complete the program do not receive their Intuitive Coach certificate and do not receive any of the graduate discounts and or title of Intuitive Coach in the student directory.

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