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Soul Contracts

Soul Contract Session Breakdown:

  • Important Note: Your exact time of birth (as indicated on your birth certificate) is required for soul contracts consultations. You must be able to provide Anna with your birthdate, exact birth time and location of birth

  •  Your soul contract helps you to understand your past life influences and different themes and vehicles of growth in your current life and lessons that your soul seeks out in this lifetime in order to move forward and grow into your divine potential

    • This type of session helps you to make sense of challenges you face that you are resistant to and to understand them as part of your soul's journey. For example: 

    • What is my divine spiritual purpose, why did I choose to enter the earth school?

    • Whatever experience in the physical will bring the opportunity for spiritual growth.

    • What if we choose our life major, just as we would choose a major in college.

  • Our soul yearns to experience the physical body and the polarity of shadow and light. Through the shadow the light is accessible. Through our own inner shadow, we can gain awareness to our true nature that is divine light!

  • These sessions are built on the idea that prior to birth an individual soul creates a contract or agreement with their higher power and their higher self as well as specific individual contract agreements with our closest friends, family and partners.



All sessions are conveniently offered live via Zoom Video (telephone session are available upon request). Anna does NOT offer In Person sessions. All sessions are done via Zoom video or telephone- to learn more about how sessions are conducted etc. and what to expect click on Faqs about readings.


-45 minutes

Price- $198 -plus $9 processing fee

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Listen to the podcast about understanding soul contracts.

Soul Contracts- The pain has a purpose


For some people the idea of soul contracts is a hard pill to swallow, but perhaps it may be something you would be willing to consider.

So, what exactly is a soul contract? There are many variations and layers to soul contracting but to put it in its simplest form,

it is a vehicle of growth. A platform that provides a soul with the opportunity to move into a higher frequency of knowledge.

 I have been reading soul contracts for 15 years and it is my belief that prior to our birth we choose certain bodies of knowledge

and wisdom that we wish to cultivate, in order to elevate and expand our consciousness. 


It may take more than one lifetime to truly embody the specific themes of knowledge and virtues we are looking to adhere, so it is best to view it as a journey of the soul rather than a destination. 

Prior to incarnation into the earth body our true home is in the ethers, there we are truly whole. Wholeness and unconditional love are the fabric of the ethers and who we truly are in our highest self and ultimate expression. Our soul chooses to leave its origins of non-physical form and enter into the world of density, form and physicality. The earth school provides us with the opportunity to experience deep contrast and it is in that contrast that we are given the opportunity to expand. For example, let’s say a soul has chosen courage as a virtue it wishes to cultivate, there is no need for courage in the ethers (our original and true eternal state of being) because there is no contrast in the ethers, it doesn’t exist. It can’t exist in the ethers, since the ethers is solely love, wholeness and oneness, there is no energetic resonance of anything outside of the highest frequency of love. Therefore, there is no access point for contrast. This is where the desire to incarnate comes from, the soul wishes to embody and express love on a deeper level, to know love in its truest form. In order to do this, it needs contrast, something to create diversity. Contrast provides a gateway, a way to access every spectrum of love. 


Every theme of consciousness that a soul may choose to cultivate while living a life has two opposite vibrational frequency points. Two sides of the same coin, in which to experience. Therefore, if one chooses courage as a theme, this would mean they would have to experience both sides of the courage vibration. In order to cultivate courage, one must also encounter fear. Fear leads to the true understanding and embodiment of courage, if the soul chooses to take the opportunity to learn and grow through the fear. Our greatest life challenges can become our greatest gifts. Our talents and highest quality attributes are often cultivated through our most difficult and painful life experiences. Often our most difficult experiences are actually a soul contract we created prior to birth in order to give our soul the opportunity to master a specific virtue of consciousness. 


For example, I experienced addiction at a very young age, by the time I was sixteen I had experienced a near death experience as a result of my active addiction. After my NDE I went into my recovery process, I have been in recovery now for over 20 years. The contrast the vibration of addiction presented me with was extremely abundant and the gateway in which I began cultivating the virtues of self-love, forgiveness and empathy. Of course, I had to experience the painful opposites of these virtues. Such as, shame, the opposite of self-love, anger and resentment, the opposite of forgiveness and self-indulgence the opposite of empathy. Although painful when I look back on my journey into recovery, I am deeply grateful for the gateway it provided me with. It opened the door and began my journey towards self-realization. 


So, how can soul contracts help you heal? Well, once I realized that every given challenge is a gateway, an access point to understanding, cultivating and embodying love, that’s when I started to heal from the pain. My pain had great purpose. When we are willing to see ourselves as souls on an earth journey, here to cultivate and ascend into our highest expression of love and that every difficulty is a gateway toward that love, we literally shift the frequency of pain. Pain becomes a tool rather than a burden, an opportunity rather than a stagnation, a gift rather than a curse. I invite you to give your pain purpose, perhaps start by reviewing your greatest challenges with a new perspective. Some soul contract questions you can ask yourself, that can help shift the perspective are as follows:


Did I choose this particular challenge as a vehicle of growth? 


What virtue or theme might this type of challenge represent? What type of consciousness theme am I trying to grow or embody? 


Identify the two sides of the consciousness coin. The two opposite frequencies, for example courage/fear or self-love/shame. 


What are the gifts I can gain from this soul contract and am I willing to receive the gifts even if that means I have to process some pain? 


Intentionally turning your pain into purpose can be very healing. It can free you from victimization and the belief that you are powerless and open the door to self-empowerment. It can bring understanding and acceptance in times of deep grief. Forgiveness in times of anger and can even help you to master a certain quality in you that may become your greatest ally and or talent. 

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