Soul Contracts

Soul Contract Session Breakdown:

  • Important Note: Your exact time of birth (as indicated on your birth certificate) is required for soul contracts consultations. You must be able to provide Anna with your birthdate, exact birth time and location of birth

  •  Your soul contract helps you to understand your past life influences and different themes and vehicles of growth in your current life and lessons that your soul seeks out in this lifetime in order to move forward and grow into your divine potential

    • This type of session helps you to make sense of challenges you face that you are resistant to and to understand them as part of your soul's journey. For example: 

    • What is my divine spiritual purpose, why did I choose to enter the earth school?

    • Whatever experience in the physical will bring the opportunity for spiritual growth.

    • What if we choose our life major, just as we would choose a major in college.

  • Our soul yearns to experience the physical body and the polarity of shadow and light. Through the shadow the light is accessible. Through our own inner shadow, we can gain awareness to our true nature that is divine light!

  • These sessions are built on the idea that prior to birth an individual soul creates a contract or agreement with their higher power and their higher self as well as specific individual contract agreements with our closest friends, family and partners.



All sessions are conveniently offered live via Zoom Video (telephone session are available upon request).


-50 minutes

Price- $198

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