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Intuitive Coach -12 month Training

Enrollment and Requirements: 

Attendance- It is required for students to complete all training course work and lessons, if a student cannot attend training, that training must be completed. All course work must be completed from any missed training, in order to be eligible for curriculum completion. The school prefers for a student to attend all classes, however allows students enrolled to be absent 3 times. If a student is absent more than 3 times they may not be capable of completing the course work and requirements. Most classes within the 12 month curriculum have online modules available in order to make up course work. If a student is unable to attend a training and fails to complete the training through private sessions or online classes, they will not be eligible for certain certifications and or program completion. Students must also attend the Spirit Biz classes, that are conducted live on video through Zoom (learn more about the Spirit Biz class requirements on the course curriculum page).


How to make up missed course work material:

- Online Courses: Students can complete missed training courses conveniently online for no added extra fee.  For access to the online course for any training course they cannot attend, students will be charged the regular monthly tuition fee, but no added extra fee applies. Most classes within the 12 month curriculum are available for make up and completion online. Students will have about a month in-between each class to complete missed course work online before the next class, so that they are caught up on course material in order to attend the next class. 


*Weekend 12 meets Saturday for the Intuitive Coaching practical, students are required to attend the student practical. 

Course Requirements: Some applying students may have previously taken some of the courses included in this program with Anna Miranda. If the applying student has previously taken any of the curriculum courses they do not have to attend those courses as they have already met that classes particular requirement. However they will be required to complete any homework or assignments pertaining to those classes. There are 12 weekends within the Intuitive Coach program (class meets one Saturday a month) the tuition for each weekend is $150. If a student is excused from a particular class because they have already met that course requirement $75 is deducted from the monthly tuition fee, however the student will still be charged a program fee. In order for the student to remain in the program there is a $75 monthly program fee. Learn more about course requirement payment discounts by visiting the tuition page.

Enrollment requirements:

In order to enroll in classes each student will fill out an online application and schedule a 20 minute phone interview with Anna Miranda. The interview will consist of a list of questions etc.. The purpose is to configure whether the student is in alignment with the programs intention and mission. It is also to ensure that the program is a good fit toward the students desires and expectations.

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