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Intuition is the dance between the timeless world of energy waves and the solid world of things.

 The living energetic force or momentum that consciously creates.

In this class you we will dive into the true meaning of intuition, from the primordial teachings to todays quantum physics theories and how to apply it in our everyday lives, and how to use it to help guide others. 

  • From the microcosm to the macrocosm

  • The Vibratory Field

  • The Intuitive Flow

  •  Understand the difference between emotional, mental, physical, environmental and spiritual Intuition

  • Psychic Protection

  • Discerning the message

  • The 4 Major Senses

  •  Spirit Guides, their energetic form and resonance

  • The 3 main energy centers of wisdom, love and vitality

  • Discerning the conscious resonance within a vibratory field

This class will be filled with intuitive exercises and class lecture. Whether you are an experienced intuitive or just learning how to tap into this energetic conscious force we call intuition, this workshop will either enhance your current skills and knowledge or open you up to a new perception and flow.


September 22nd


The Holbrook Wellness Center

5000 Expressway Drive South, Holbrook NY 11741

Workshop Price:

$200 if you pay in full

 $250, if you put a deposit of $100

You can put down a $100 deposit to reserve your spot and the remainder of your balance of $150 will be due the day of class or pay in full for $225.


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