all sessions are done via Zoom Video (telephone sessions are available upon request)

Spirit Biz™

Mentorship for Professionals

This type of session is geared toward anyone who is a professional in their field. Whether you are a entrepreneur or a leader within a company or you are about to launch a new brand or idea. Perhaps you are an expert in your vocation, or you are embarking on perfecting your craft, stepping into your full ability and are ready to build and manifest the highest prospective of your vision. Spirit Biz is a truly unique coaching program designed for professionals. 

Anna will intuitively tap into the possibilities of your professional capability through psychically tapping into your pockets of potential, soul alignment, planetary patterning and providing cosmic motivation. Imagine what you could create and the endless possibilities that will unfold as you step into alignment with your professional creative divinity! 


Mentorship for training/certification in intuitive & healing arts

Training in Healing Arts and Metaphysical studies includes- Private Coaching & ONLINE Training. Each session will be geared towards reviewing material from the online curriculum and fine tuning your skills. As well as addressing any personal blocks or concerns about living and stepping into your truth and potential as a healer and or intuitive. Choose two subjects within the metaphysical sciences to gain a certificate (if applicable, not all classes come with a certificate). Training  is done via online through easy to use and comprehensive online classes created by Anna Miranda, and fine tuned during private sessions. Choose 2 subjects to train in. You will gain access to the online classes as soon as payment has been received and you begin your private mentorship training. This is a self paced process. Once you enroll in a private mentorship and choose your subjects of emphasis you get access to the online modules for 1 year from the date of purchase. Complete the lessons in your own time, within the 1 year, anytime, anywhere.

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Soul Counseling

Mentorship for the soul

 These sessions can help provide you with a safe space to nurture your soul, mind and body. Life often hands us challenges, in this session whatever physical/emotional 

struggle you are going through it presents itself as an opportunity for the soul to evolve, there is a lesson or teaching that it has to offer you, this type of session provides a space to understand that lesson and promote healing/wisdom. Anna uses varies techniques including vision boarding, meditation, breathing techniques and hypno-meditation. Home work may be given at the end of the session including affirmations, writing and meditation exercises for you to continue your healing journey and be self empowered! A portion of these sessions may be recorded, so you can use the meditation and or hypno-meditation experience again and again.