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Private Mentorship for Healers and Intuitives

Knowledge has a beginning but no end -Geeta Iyengar

Customize your mentoring package!

If there is any specific subject that is not listed on this webpage, please email me and let me know what you are interested in, custom mentoring is available if applicable

These programs will be designed to your specific needs. It can include one on one personalized attention to help guide you in manifesting your goals as a practitioner and to direct you towards your highest potential.

Please note: that certificates are not applicable to all classes. Some classes include certificates and others include extensive training in a specific modality but do not offer a certificate.

Metaphysical Studies and Healing Arts

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to fill out the mentorship request form for healing arts and or metaphysical studies.


Healing Arts and Metaphysical studies includes- Private Coaching & ONLINE Training: 

  • Private one on one sessions via Zoom (video conferencing) for Chakra, Numerology, Akashic, Astrology and Tarot.

  •  In person sessions with online training in Reiki, Karuna & IET classes.

  • All classes come with certificates except for Akashic records.

- Three one on one, 55 minute coaching sessions ​

  • Each session will be geared towards reviewing material from the online curriculum and fine tuning your skills. As well as addressing any personal blocks or concerns about living and stepping into your truth and potential as a healer and or intuitive.

- Two certificates in the subject of your choice

  • Choose two subjects within the metaphysical sciences to gain a certificate (if applicable, not all classes come with a certificate). Training  is done via online through easy to use and comprehensive online classes created by Anna Miranda, and fine tuned during private sessions. Private sessions for Chakra, Akashic records, Numerology, Astrology and Tarot training are done via Zoom video only. Please Note: Reiki, Karuna reiki and IET private sessions must be done in person and are not available via telephone or Zoom.

How does it work?

-The first step in a private mentorship is to fill out the request form. You can do this by filling out the request form located at the bottom of this page, scroll down, fill out form and Anna will contact you. Anna will discuss and access with you all your coaching needs.


-Choose 2 subjects to train in. You will gain access to the online classes as soon as payment has been received and you begin your private mentorship. This is a self paced process. Once you enroll in a private mentorship and choose your subjects of emphasis you get access to the online modules for 1 year from the date of purchase. Complete the lessons in your own time, within the 1 year, anytime, anywhere.

-  You will have 3 private one on one sessions for coaching. You can book the private sessions whenever you like, these sessions have a one year expiration date on your private sessions. So once you enroll you will have one year to complete the online courses and use your 3 private sessions from the date of purchase.  In the private coaching sessions we will continue to discuss and access your potential and utilize the private time to fine tune and practice all the techniques etc. that you will be training in through the online classroom. Private sessions for Chakra, Akashic records, Numerology, Astrology and Tarot training are done via Zoom video only. Please Note: Reiki, Karuna reiki and IET private sessions must be done in person and are not available via telephone or Zoom. In your private one on one sessions you will receive energetic attunements that help clear and open up your vibration.


-  Ranges from $395 to $495 depending on which classes you choose to get certificates in (plus a small processing fee) which includes three private one on one sessions access to online training modules and training in two subjects of your choice. Billing requires a valid credit or debit card. Your credit/debit card will be billed in one lump sum (if you pay in full there are no processing or set up fees) or you can split the payments up to 2 billing cycles. If you choose to pay in 2 billing cycles, payment is automatic and is automatically withdrawn from the account on file each month for a total of 2 months, billing includes a small processing and set up fee.



Available Online Classes: to include in your package- read more about the class descriptions click here.

  • Chakra Psychology

  • Numerology

  • Reiki Level 1

  • Reiki Level 2

  • Reiki Advanced

  • IET® Basic

  • IET® Intermediate

  • IET® Advanced

  • Akashic Records Exploration

  • Tarot Card Reading

  • Basic Astrology

  • Karuna® Reiki Level 1

  • Karuna® Reiki Level 2

*Reiki Mastership and Karuna Mastership are also offered for private Instruction, but can not be included in

a mentor package to inquire more about private Reiki or Karuna Master training email me and inquire within.

Focus Groups-Psychic Intuition and Mediumship Studies

Developing your psychic skill and mediumship skills is not something that is best accomplished in a one on one private mentor setting. Over the years I have learned that these types of skills require group training experiences. It's important to be able to do live readings with me coaching you, giving you tools and techniques in a small group setting. Therefore the private mentorship available for this type of setting is done in a small group of 6 people. In these focus groups you will learn tools, techniques, theory and ethics and perform live readings.

  • This training is a 4 hour experience, the focus group will meet for 4 hours.

  • In a focus group you will get the benefit of my personal attention and the opportunity to ask specific questions and gain personal coaching. This is why the groups are limited to only 6 people.

  • You will get the opportunity to perform live reading with me there to coach you through the experience.

  • You will meet like minded people and be surrounded by a supportive community.

The Focus groups are only available a few times per year. They sell out fast so be sure to secure your spot by registering below. Focus Groups are held at my office in Holbrook, Long Island NY.

I also offer Psychic Boot Camps 2 times a year. The boot camp meets for 2 hours, for 4 consecutive weeks and is usually offered every Fall and Spring. Boot Camp groups are larger and usually consist of 15 to 20 people. It does not offer the ability to give you the personalized attention that a focus group does but it's jam packed with psychic exercises and techniques. Check my classes and workshops page to see if there is a psychic boot camp currently being offered.

Register for a Focus Group

  • SOLD OUT- Saturday January 25th- 11:00AM-3:00PM  -Price $200​​​​

  • Saturday February 29th- 11:00AM-3:00PM -Price $200

Fill out the form below if you are interested in a mentorship for metaphysical studies and or healing arts only. If you wish to sign up for psychic and mediumship focus groups please scroll up (if on a mobile phone) or refer to the left side of this page (if on a desktop) and register for a focus group.

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If you are enrolled in any short term course of study click here for student resources