The seed of our soul's path was planted many lifetimes ago.
Take a journey into the seed of the soul,

Past Life Recall

Personal Past Life Recall

Do you believe in past lives? Who were you? What Karma are you balancing? Dive into your subconscious mind where past life memories can be easily accessed by the power of hypnosis. A past life recall can be very beneficial when learning about the subconscious self and releasing deep rooted karma. Please note this session is not a reading it is a meditative hypnosis session to induct you into a past life memory.

-Personal one on one past life regression, by appointment only- $165
​- Purchase Package-3 past life recall one hour sessions- $400





Group Past Life Recall 

​In a group past life recall you will receive one 45 minute recall in a group setting. Then Oracle Anna Miranda will psychically help the group interpret their recalls to gain deeper insight. Experience a  past life recall with your closest family and friends in the comfort of your own home.

Price: $550 for a 3 hour block with 10 people or less. With 10 people or more its $50 per person. 

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