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Sacred Soul Numbers

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Do you want to learn more about soul contracts through numerology? Dive deep into the understanding of your soul's contract and purpose!


Join me for this amazing numerology certificate class and learn to calculate and channel soul contracts through sacred soul numbers! 

Learn how to calculate the 7 soul numbers. Which gives you insight into what your major life lessons are, your greatest challenges, your greatest gifts, past life karma and karmic lessons within this lifetime, best career path and more! 

You will learn how to calculate your own 7 core numbers and also be trained in how to calculate and interpret the 7 core numbers for others.


If for any reason you miss one of the scheduled classes, you can make up your course work online.


Class Dates:

June 6th- 10AM-6:00PM Part 1

July 11th- 10AM-6:00PM Part 2

This class meets twice, each class is one month apart to give you time to study the material.

Class Price:


Important Info on the class Location: If we are still in quarantine due to the Covid-19 crisis all classes will be held live via Zoom video, however if at anytime we are released from quarantine, class will be held in person at The Holbrook Wellness Center.

Important Class Instructions

  • If for any reason you have to miss a class, you can make up the work online. 

  • All class handouts/resources will be emailed to you. You will gain access to the handouts after the first class date. You are responsible for downloading/printing out class handouts and resources, they will not be provided for you in class. 

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