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Spirit Bizzer Testimonials

Mentorship for Professionals


This type of session is geared toward anyone who is a professional in their field. Whether you are a entrepreneur or a leader within a company or you are about to launch a new brand or idea. Perhaps you are an expert in your vocation, or you are embarking on perfecting your craft, stepping into your full ability and are ready to build and manifest the highest prospective of your vision. Spirit Biz is a truly unique coaching program designed for professionals. Anna will intuitively tap into the possibilities of your professional capability through psychically tapping into your pockets of potential, soul alignment, planetary patterning and providing cosmic motivation. Imagine what you could create and the endless possibilities that will unfold as you step into alignment with your professional creative divinity! 

Spirit Biz Private Coaching- FAQS about private sessions


Session Breakdown

Foundational Session (First Session)- This session is the foundational Spirit Biz session, usually done once a year

Foundational sessions must be done prior to any continued sessions

This session includes:

  • Astrological breakdown of your professional potential

  • Astrological chart of your business (this applies only to those who have a LLC, non-for profit or corporation)

  • Your business Archetypes

  • Yearly forecast and vibrational alignment

  • Vibrational analysis of your business name (this applies only to those who have their own business name)

  • Meditations and journal exercises may be given in order to increase potential and or promote vibrational alignment of goals

Continued Sessions- After your first foundational session, continued sessions will consist of the following

  • Pockets of potential- what is a pocket of potential? Anna Miranda will psychically tap into the unified field of possibility, downloading creative ideas and potentials that Spirit would like to offer you in your creation process

  • Anna will guide you in locating any seeds of inaction and help you transform inaction into potential for success

  • Analysis of your energetic return, the resonance and quality of the energy you put out, will be the quality of the return

  • Anna will also address any questions and concerns you may have within your work and help you validate your ideas 

  • Meditations and journal exercises may be given in order to increase potential and or promote vibrational alignment of goals

Foundational Session- $225 -plus $9 processing fee (45 Minutes- foundational sessions must be done prior to any continued sessions)

Continued Sessions- $198 - plus $9 processing fee (45 Minutes)

Please Note: You will need your personal birth information including exact time of birth. If you have an LLC, Non-for Profit or Corporation you will need to provide me with the date in which your company was established.


Step into your potential and achieve your goals through soul alignment, planetary patterning and cosmic motivation!

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The Holistic Center
for Soulful Living

Alissa Schwartz and Rosemary Marcaccio are co-founders of The Holistic Center for Soulful Living, a Spa for the Soul located in Smithtown New York.


As entrepreneurs participating in Anna Miranda’s Spirit Biz experiential Zoom class, we found essential and exciting tools to use to both enhance our business and our own desire to keep our business flowing, our connection to the real work and our hearts fulfilled. In Anna’s class we were able to explore, from a personal and soul perspective, what success is to us and how to keep our work connected to a larger purpose. While we strive on a regular basis to live and work mindfully and with meaning, the added dimension of having a deeper awareness of all that inspire and influence us, such as planetary and constellation placements, has been eye opening and informative. We appreciate the incredible and rich information provided in this class and continue to integrate the material into our daily work. 


Diana Maslauskas
Owner of Centered -Mind-Body-Spirit

   I am a massage therapist who was looking to expand my current business, The Massage Approach, into a multifaceted Wellness Center. During this course, one of the most important lessons I learned, was the astrological influences that play a role in my business. I am now aware of how my energy, and the energy of others I collaborate with, affect the growth and the stagnation of growth of what I am working on creating. I feel that through Anna's guidance I have a clearer outlook on the next steps I need to take in making this Wellness Center a reality. Since the beginning of this class, I have witnessed new doors opening and opportunities presenting themselves, matching my new vibration. There is so much helpful information in this program and I look forward to rereading all the lessons to ensure that I maintain this energetic momentum that began when I started taking this class. Just 2 months after taking Spirit Biz I opened my new center!

I am very blessed to have been able to take Anna's Spirit Biz course!


Nikki Parnell
Indigo East Design

Spirit Biz with Anna Miranda has opened up my eyes to business as a whole. In order to be truly successful, it takes so much more than just passion. Spirit Biz guided me to look at myself and my business holistically so I could better map out my 1, 5, and 10-year plan. Now that I know I am going into 2020 as a 5 year, I am at peace knowing that major changes are coming. As a business owner, I see that as a huge positive: brand new connections and opportunities! As a designer, I use my creativity and intuition to create spaces that make people feel grounded and at home. I cannot reach my true potential creatively without remaining fully mindful. The meditations and affirmations that I learned in Spirit Biz have become amazing tools that I utilize every day. I have already received two new opportunities in Real Estate and Design, and was published in HOUSE magazine since completing the class two weeks ago! Thank you, Anna 


 Barbara Califano
The Exuberant Soul 

I am Barbara Califano, a Spiritual Teacher/Soul Coach, Reiki Master Practitioner, a Certified Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist and a NYS Certified Hypnotist. I have studied Spirituality and Metaphysics with some of the area's most notable Spiritual teachers. I also author a monthly Spiritual Column in ACES Magazine and was the Co-Founder of a spiritual company called WhiteLight 1111. More recently, I have created a new spiritual company called, The Exuberant Soul.  I am creating events which will bring out the Exuberant Soul in individuals through education, inspiration and enlightenment. I was struggling for a few months, feeling creatively blocked. I tried everything I knew to help break open the gateway.  It wasn't until I took Anna Miranda's Spirit Biz classes that I realized what was standing in my way. This was groundbreaking for me. When I was given the tools to understand my Soul's path and how to use astrology and numerology to guide me and how to feel the vibration of the Souls I surrounded myself with, I was able to see where and what I needed to clear to help me grow to ultimately help others. l was astonished and so appreciative of Anna for sharing her knowledge with me. The process was clear and had easy steps to allow me to see the bigger picture. I loved the meditations that she provided and I look forward to taking more of her classes. I recommend Spirit Biz to anyone who is ready to spread their wings and fly.

Ellen Soft Smile.jpg

Ellen Lozinski, CFO

Comprehensive Financial

We have owed numerous businesses in over 25 years. After taking Spirit Biz with Anna, we now have a keen awareness of why we were successful in some and why others had failed. In the past 10 years, we have successfully implemented and facilitated our current business management system which is the “organizational framework” for our business. Integrating Spirit Biz into our system, along with Anna’s guidance has enabled us to view the business with deeper clarity and insight. It has been empowering, eye opening and motivational.


This is a must for organizations, entrepreneurs, employees, anyone looking to make a career change, or if you just want to become your best self in the work you do. Anna’s broad knowledge combined with her patience and insight makes her a credible adviser. The knowledge I have gained in this class has left me with confidence that our business is aligned with our values and we are moving in the right direction.


Deborah Berman
The Berman Group for
Wellness & Nutrition

 As a holistic practitioner I work with the entire person body, mind and spirit in my practice The Berman Group for Wellness & Nutrition. After taking the Spirit Biz class with Anna I have a greater understanding and acceptance of the ebb and flow in my business. I am able to embrace the process of transformation as it presents itself, without expectation and I am able to stay in a high level of trust in the process. Anna's class enabled me to recognize my souls innate knowledge and guidance, how to implement it into the earth bound reality, while remaining grounded. If you are looking to make some of your visions a reality Spirit Biz is the class for you, wherever you may be on your journey.

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