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Interfaith Minister, Intuitive Specialist and Master Coach

Anna Miranda began her spiritual journey at the age of 16 after a profound spiritual awakening and near death experience. Since her experience she has dedicated her life to the study of metaphysics. As an Intuitive coach Anna utilizes many different forms of Intuitive arts to help coach others spiritually and guide them toward discovering their true potential. She is also the founder of The Miranda School of Intuitive Arts, her school offers development classes and certifications in healing and intuitive arts. She serves as an intuitive guide by psychically tapping into your soul's imprint and vibrational resonance, to help you become more aware that your soul is the divine student living in the earth school.


All of your questions and concerns are addressed from the philosophy that we are here on earth to remember our true nature, which is divine love and light. We are here to expand our awareness and apply conscious action. Anna's intuitive coaching style is very unique. She doesn't read in the traditional sense. Her readings focus on soul growth.  Yes she is psychic and a medium but her readings are specialized. They have a specific intention and that intention is to empower your soul to reach its divine potential.

Anna's Credentials include:

  • Certified Hypnotic Intuition Specialist

  • Consulting Hypnotist

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Interfaith Minister

  • End of lIfe Doula

  • Psychic medium

  • Numerology

  • Psychic

  • Soul Contract Adviser

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Integrated Energy Master Teacher

  • Specializes in soul contracts readings

  • Astrologer

  • EFT (emotional freedom techniques) Practitioner

  • Karuna Reiki Master

  • Past Life Recall Facilitator

  • Meditation Teacher


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