Intuitive Conservatory

 Training, workshops, videos and events dedicated to the study of the psychic/metaphysical arts and intuitive and empathic consciousness. 

Upcoming Classes (class time listings are according to USA Eastern Time Zone)

Psychic Boot Camp

Spring 2021

June 2nd, 9th and 16th



A three week immersion series filled with techniques and exercises to open up your intuitive mind and flow!


  • Lecture and Intuitive Tips

  • Psychic & Mediumship Training

  •  Meditation To Open you Up

  • Training Exercises and Techniques

  • You will be set up into Zoom Break Out Rooms and paired up with others to give readings and practice exercises.


Psychic/Empathic Health & Wellness




This class is for psychics, mental health practitioners, therapists, healers and anyone who is an empath. As empaths we often take on the energetic residue of the people we serve or the people we encounter in our everyday lives (our family and friends). Our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being is often compromised due to the excessive energy exchanges that we encounter. As a result we can experience psychic fatigue, depletion of our own life force and energetic flow. In this class we will identify the symptoms of energy fatigue and teach you valuable tools, exercises and implement the importance of self care, to rebalance and nurture your mind, body and spirit.


Private Online Training in

Metaphysical Arts

Price Varies

These programs will be designed to your specific needs. It can include one on one personalized attention to help guide you in manifesting your goals as a practitioner and to direct you towards your highest potential. Online training modules that come with private one on one sessions via Zoom (video conferencing) for Chakra, Numerology, Akashic, Astrology, Pendulum Divination and Tarot.

Price Varies

Conservatory Videos- expand your empathic/intuitive consciousness