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In Between Lives Regression Exploration

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Dates: 4/27/22

Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM EST

In this class we will journey into the vastness of the universal mind, reconnecting with our light body. Who are you without form? What are you without identification with a personality? How far and wide has your soul traveled outside of physical incarnation? Who are the soul companions that are your primary teachers and fellow experiencers? Dive into this journey with an open mind and heart and see whats possible!

A private one on one IBL can cost around two hundred or even five hundred dollars per session. Group IBL can be a more practical way to dive into these aspects of your soul's journey, while still receiving deep insight.

This class is recorded and it comes with a worksheet. This class also comes with A downloadable MP3 of the IBL.


After the class, If you want to take your IBL even further, Anna is offering an add on. You can purchase a  25 minute private session with her, where she will provide you with deeper intuitive insight into the nature of your IBL experience, for an additional cost but at a discounted price (this is optional).


Private 25 minute sessions with Anna for deeper intuitive insight into your IBL experience is available at an additional cost, details will be offered to you after sign up.

Price $50

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