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 Training, workshops, videos and events dedicated to the study of the psychic/metaphysical arts and intuitive and empathic consciousness. 

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Intuitive Conservatory

Upcoming Classes (class time listings are according to USA Eastern Time Zone)

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The ancient art of the moon circle is unified through a collective intention, but it is also where we explore internally so as to discover our own inner truth, find our voice and connect back as our ancestors did through the art of ritualized gathering. We will be incorporating sacred modalities such as Astrology, Herbalism, meditation and somatic practices for our transformative journey. Each monthly moon gathering will be unique because we will feature a different lunar archetype incorporating its theme into the teachings, rituals and practices.

January is “The Wolf Moon”, the first full moon of the year and in the heart of Winter. What a beautiful symbol of darkness coming into light. Wolves will howl in order to find each other, using their ‘voice’ to gather their tribe. Together we will be creating our own tribe supporting each other as we begin to release what no longer serves which is the meaning of a Full Moon ceremony. Astrologically speaking, this lunar cycle we move from Cancer into the constellation of Leo, the roaring Lion, again another beautiful representation of using our voice, our “howl” in the dark. These are just some of the themes for our January gathering that we will be exploring.

We look forward to having you be part of our Lunar circle each month as we align with nature heralding back thousands of years ago harnessing the energy of the moon!

This workshop is offered both In Person 

IN Person- to attend this workshop in person you must sign up through The Holistic Center for Soulful Living in Smithtown NY. This workshop will be held at the center in Smithtown on January 25th  from 7-8:30PM. Price for in person class is $60. (This class comes with an herbal ceremonial bag).To sign up for the IN Person class, click the link below and you will be directed to the centers website, scroll down to the class and sign up through their site.

DATE: 1/25/24

Upcoming Offerings

Monthly Moon Gatherings

Snow Moon

February 23rd (Zoom) 24th (In Person)

Crow Moon

March 23rd (Zoom) 24th (In Person) 

Grief Rituals and Healing

Conservatory Videos- expand your empathic/intuitive consciousness
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