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For Healers and Intuitives

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Types of Sessions

There are two types of Mentor sessions available.


Via Zoom Video Meeting- 45 Minutes - $125

 When you book this type of session you will receive a Zoom link via email, you will meet with me live on zoom video for your mentoring session.



Via Voxer APP- 25 Minutes - $55

 When you book a Voxer App session, you will receive a detailed email on how to download the app etc.. then at your scheduled appointment time we will chat through the app. 



Mentor With Me!

  • Are you a student of the intuitive arts?

  • Discovering your psychic/healing gifts?

  • Having metaphysical experiences and encounters that you want to better understand?

  •  Are you craving more knowledge on how to incorporate the intuitive arts into your life and or work?

  • Perhaps you would benefit from having a mentor by your side to help you discern your experiences and provide deeper insight, education and awareness. I have 25 years experience as a healer and intuitive, I have so much I can share with you about the nature of the metaphysical world and the work within it.

What a typical Mentoring session entails:

  • Have a safe place to go to, to talk about your experiences, and obtain knowledge and helpful advice.

  • Help discerning what healing/psychic modalities are the best fit for you, and resources on the best types of training and etc.. I will also use your Natal Astrological birth chart to guide you, creating alignment with your natural gifts and talents, as we create awareness on the specific challenges that may arise according to your birth chart.

  • Meditation practices to enhance your inner vision 

  • Personal and business tips on how to be of spiritual service  




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