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What is Energia

Private Session

What is Energia

The Key to the Energia philosophy


- Honor where you have been (past)- Nurture where you are (present) - Embrace the unfoldment of where you are going (future)

Energia is revolutionary healing practice! The word Energia is the Italian word for energy and or power. It is pronounced ener-Jia. The G sound in Italian sounds like and is pronounced like the letter J (as in John) in english. What if you could tune into your mind, body and spirit needs each month. Most healing practices do not focus on all three components of mind, body and spirit. One part of this trinity usually gets left out or malnourished, leaving you out of balance. Energia creates a safe space for you to truly step into self awareness and thrive, working with all phases of your inner and outer state of being.

 Honor where you have been (past)

Nurture where you are (present)

 Embrace the unfoldment of where you are going (future)



Work with the stars and planets

Support the wellbeing of your body

Live purposefully

Harness your inner power

Manifest your goals and dreams

Honor your pain and embrace its lesson

Comfort and nurture your mind, body and spirit

Release old patterns and belief systems that no-longer serve you

The Trinity Healing Bridge




The Past

A lot of new age practices teach, that your past (Your Story) is what is preventing you from moving forward. However, the only aspects of your story (your past) that may prevent you from moving forward are the aspects in which you have not placed value upon. It's all about perception. How you perceive your past will determine its power and influence on your life, now and in the future. But our past experiences are what shape our character. Some of our greatest challenges provided us with a platform in which to step into the character of strength, resilience, patience, acceptance, forgiveness and courage, just to name a few. You, don't want to shame your past, nor do you want to criticize or condemn it, instead perceive it from a new lens, change your perspective. Every experience in your life, specifically those that were difficult, has great value. In Energia you will learn how to find and embrace the gifts within the challenge and what it has to offer you. Every challenge is an offering, your soul is presenting you with the opportunity to step into wisdom and empowerment. To be empowered means to cultivate power, inner power. The key word is cultivate. Cultivation requires process. When you plant a garden, there is a process that unfolds. You tend to the soil, which tends to the plants, in time they grow. The quality of the soil makes all the difference. Your past, how you choose to perceive it and the offerings you choose to cultivate from it, is your soil!


The present moment is the most powerful energetic force of creation. This is why in Energia, the present is represented by the highest point within the trinity healing bridge. Because it holds the most creative and powerful force of change and movement. Only in the present moment can we create change, only in the present moment can we put a vibration into motion and practice. It is also the place where we experience high vibration frequencies like gratitude, joy and love. Even if your mind is reminiscing about a moment in the past, the feeling that is ignited can only be experienced here and now, in the present. Therefore, even though the feeling may have been evoked from something in the past, it can only be re-experienced in the present. Actualization can only occur in the present moment, for this reason, it holds within it, all the power. If we can harness the offerings from our past, then we can step into the present moment with wisdom, we no longer have to be afraid of what is or reject what is, because the wisdom of our past serves us as a gift, rather than a deterrent. We may still feel afraid in the present moment, but the wisdom of our past will remind us, that even though we may feel afraid, whatever challenge that we are being presented with in the present, will and can serve us as a great teacher, that through the challenge we can choose to harness a state of being that is of great value.


In Energia we do not focus on destination, we focus on appreciating each step in the journey. We celebrate each step, the ups, the downs and even sideways. We live in a society that is consumed with the future. We are constantly asking ourselves, where am i going? Where is this leading? We are addicted to the destination. This is because we often reject any feeling we perceive as uncomfortable. Often, we want to bypass the difficult feelings and encounters and by doing so we miss the offering and we never receive the gift. In Energia the future is seen as pure potential. A blank canvas, that by cultivating the offerings of your past, placing value on all that you've experienced, the joyful and the difficult, we become willing to step into the present moment with appreciation and empowerment. From this place of present power, we begin to cultivate what tomorrow can bring. But we can not cultivate tomorrow if we reject or scold what we have experienced in the past and what we are experiencing right now, because the present point of power is what will shape tomorrow. So the future in Energia is a process of unfoldment, a single step in the journey and each step is celebrated and honored. By celebrating and embracing the journey we allow our potential to unfold!

Energia private

Energia Private Session- Personalized attention and Healing

Price: $125 -plus $6 processing fee (single session)

Discount packages are available for private Energia sessions plus processing fee.

Private sessions are conducted Live Via Zoom Video

In a private Energia session you will get all that Energia has to offer, with personalized attention from me. We can then truly refine the techniques to your specific healing needs. Sessions are fifty minutes via Zoom video.

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