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Intuitive Life Coach

and Soul Contracts

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 Training, workshops, videos and events dedicated to the study of the psychic/metaphysical arts and intuitive and empathic consciousness. 

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Mentorship for Professionals

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Courtney Cesario

 I’ve had the privilege in knowing Anna for the past 2 years now & during that time she has been the key force that has led to my overall soul growth & healing.Her unique style & intuitive coaching has helped me to finally tap into my conscious higher self while healing & releasing past traumas & wounds. Anna has empowered me to manifest my divine potential & ultimately access a higher realm of infinite possibilities. She has guided me to be the best version of myself in every form & to truly discover who I really am. I am truly grateful & blessed!


Being an empathic intuitive, I always had an interest in Metaphysics. The very first time I met Anna Miranda, I just knew I wanted her to be my mentor and provide me with the insight I needed for my future soul’s mission. I immediately felt this strong energy connection with Anna. I had booked a private session, which led to a few more.  Anna’s attentiveness gave me such a comfort level I soon enrolled in group workshops and development classes. Anna’s support and genuine encouragement provided me the guidance in nurturing my full potential toward my spiritual journey in life. I recently had the privilege to be a student in her Mastery class program. Anna was incredibly accessible and giving of her time and wisdom. She spent a lot of time getting to know each and every student with the perspective needed to expand and achieve a truly enlightening experience.

I highly recommend Anna Miranda and her school The Miranda School of Intuitive Arts. I could not have achieved the personal soul growth I have without Anna’s mentoring and by enrolling in her school.  She provided me the tools to be a service to myself as well as others. This journey has made such an impact on my life and is one of the best decisions I ever made. I am forever grateful to Anna. 


Joann Richards

Anna Miranda is an amazing teacher, who leads by example, in the highest standards of ethics and quality. The depth and breadth of her knowledge and comprehension of the metaphysical is incomparable. There are many teachers on the Island, but none with her depth of understanding. They are missing many facts, which leads to offering incorrect information. As a seminary student, a student of the Universe, and a life-long learner herself, Anna teaches from general concept down to the smallest detail. As my mentor, she has changed my life and opened me to an understanding of the Universe that resonates deep inside me, by which I live on a daily basis. She has helped me fully understand who I really am. If you are interested in a world-class education that will help you reach a profound understanding of yourself, the Universe, and your place within it, along with honing your psychic, medium, and healing skills, look no further; you have found it here with Anna. 

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